About CBD

About CBD (Cannabidiol)

43 Solutions is a Colorado hemp company that is dedicated to providing customers with premium-quality, artisanal-grown high CBD hemp products. We have risen to the top of the Colorado grown, hemp derived CBD market because of our dedication to doing things the right way, taking the time to educate our customers, and never cutting corners. Our passion for the CBD industry and the potential it has to enhance and change the lives of millions of people is what drives our work every day.


What Makes 43 Solutions One of the Top CBD Companies?


Our hemp is grown and harvested in Southwest Colorado. Crisp mountain air, incredibly pure spring water, and the rich soil all combine to create the perfect growing conditions for our high-quality hemp. At our farm, only natural growing practices are used to support the healthy growth of our plants. Our hemp is grown with love and ingenuity, and never touched by pesticides or harmful products. This has resulted in flourishing genetics we derive our high CBD hemp oil from.


A lot of products found on the CBD market currently are of questionable origins. Sourced CBD from foreign markets is very common, and the quality of this has proven to be less than standard. CBD isolate is another industry standard that removes other cannabinoids that are beneficial as a part of the "entourage effect", a phenomena of combined cannabinoids being more effective together than isolated.


Most hemp is supplied to companies as a CBD isolate that they process into their products. Unfortunately, with CBD isolate, you miss out on many of the excellent health benefits the combined cannabinoids provide. We use an oil that is "full spectrum", or that contains many cannabinoids that work together synergistically. We batch test all of our products and have made these available on our website.


The 43 Solutions process ensures that the product you receive has been quality-controlled from beginning to end, farmed under the best conditions, and used to create full plant extract-based CBD products. From there, we manufacture our unique creations in a certified commercial kitchen. We take every step possible to ensure the most quality, pure products available.


Learn More About CBD and Our Company Today


43 Solutions is thrilled to support the innovative advancements in CBD in order to give our customers access to their best, healthiest selves through our premium CBD products: tinctures, capsules, pure oil and salves.. To learn more about our growing practices, product offerings, and how CBD could enhance your life, contact 43 Solutions today.

We encourage you to do your own research to determine if CBD might help you with a specific health issue. Please note that none of the above statements have been evaluated by the FDA.

Lab Test Results

CN Batch 21617 1000mg


LLC Capsule 100117 Potency


LLC Tinicture 100117 Potency


LLC Tinicture 100117 Potency